Sociology fundamentalism essay

Almond () defined fundamentalism as “a pattern of religious militancy” led by “self-styled true believers” and identified their cause as being directly opposed to secularisation. Anthony Giddens, the late modernist, argues that globalisation has caused significant levels of insecurity for people and that fundamentalist religion offers very simple answers. Aug 13,  · Fundamentalism Fundamentalism is the first of our three concepts and it stresses the infallibility of a scripture (e.g. the Bible, Adi Granths, the Gita or the Quran) in all matters &faith and doctrine. The believer accepts it as a literal historical record. Fundamentalism is a label that refers to the modern tendency to claim the unerring nature of a sacred text and to deduce from that a rational strategy for social action. The final goal is to achieve the utopia of a regime of the Truth, gain political power and rebuild organic solidarity. The Sociology Fundamentalism Essay and the Maccabees are two classic examples of fundamentalist groups in ancient Judaism. After centuries of foreign rule, Judas Maccabeus led a Jewish revolt and temporarily Sociology Fundamentalism Essay a Jewish state in the late 60s which was the restoration of not just the State but also of the religion.

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Fundamentalism is the first of our three concepts and it stresses the infallibility of a scripture e. The believer accepts it as a literal historical record. The result is that a militant stand is taken by the followers often preceded or followed by a desire for a separate homeland.

At times, this too is taken as a prophecy in the-scriptures. Fundamentalism thus separates a certain community from the mainstream. However, society, by its various arms the police, army and so onattempts to suppress or eliminate sociology fundamentalism essay fundamentalists.

This is especially sociooogy when they begin acting outside of the law. Communalism is associated with eruption of sociology fundamentalism essay and riots, these conflagrations may not click here any particular aim or goal apart from communal ascendancy or, supremacy.

Fundamentalism however is an organised all-encompassing movement which aims at fumdamentalism of societal goals specifically in the light of religious enshrinements. Operational strategy includes peaceful as well as war-life uses and movements. Here the significant link is between communal and political loyalties. Thus, when we talk of India, we are talking mainly of religion based oppositions. Ffundamentalism has been described as a sectarian exploitation of social traditions as a medium of political mobilization.

This is done to punish the interests of the entrenched groups. Thus, communalism is an ideology used to fulfil socio-eco-politico hopes of a community or sociology fundamentalism essay groups. It requires proposals and programmes to ensure its very existence. These become active in phases of social change Ssociology arose in Sociology fundamentalism essay during its colonial phase. Communal politics based it strategies on religion socioloty tradition.

The interpretation of history is for purposes of mobilisation. Communal organisations have little room for democracy. Secondly, fundamentslism may also involve socioology contrasts and perpetrate fhndamentalism same.

They consider egalitarianism as abnormal and support patriarchy as a familial and social norm. Communalism arises out of a belief system, sociology fundamentalism essay assumes great solidarity within a community which is not always true. We find that there are often intercommunity quarrels. Further, the protagonists of communalism hold a particular view of history and take care to point out that a community has been identified with common sufferings and goals as a whole.

Communalism in India has, as noted earlier, a colonial legacy wherein the rulers Britishers sociology fundamentalism essay religious contrasts, existing among the different communities to their advantage by giving them prominence. Job sharing among the different communities from as smaller pool of opportunities in causing much heartburn. Independence from the colonial power unleashed a horrendous communal holocaust, caused by the partition of the country into two parts on the eve of Independence in In the early 20s the print media used this word with reference to conservative protestant groups in North America.

These groups were concerned about liberal interpretations of the Bible. These included esxay in the virgin birth, divinity, the physical resurrection of Jesus Chrii — and the infallibility of the scripture.

As mentioned these and other fundamentals were published in 12 pamphlets called The Fundamentals between 19 19 1 5. Thus a fundamental movement is one which takes infallibility of a you research proposal geosciences something as a basic issue and as a guide to life.

Some fundamentalists add sociology fundamentalism essay there is no need fundamrntalism even interpret the scripture as meaning fundamentalixm it is self-evident. This ojlen amounts to intolerance sociology fundamentalism essay any form of disagreement or dissent. Thus there is an apprehension that fundamentalists click the following article narrow minded, and bigoted.

Madan has pointed out that the word Fundamentalism has gained wide currency in the contemporary world. According to him it refers to a variety of norms, values, attitudes which either judge the fundamentalists or condemn them outright. This world is erroneously used in place of communalism.

In fact the word fundamentalism has become a blanket term. Fundamentalist movements are of a collective character. They are often led by charismatic leaders who are usually men. Thus fudnamentalism Iranian movement was led by Ayatollah Khomeiniand the essayy Sikh sociology fundamentalism essay upsurge by Sant Bhindranwale Madan, ibid.

Fundamentalism ssociology need not be religious leaders. Hedgewar, founder of the Rashtriya Sewak Sangh was esssay physician. The fundamentalists sociology fundamentalism essay a practical people and try to purge the way of life sociology fundamentalism essay all impurities religiously speaking. They reject all corrupt lifestyles. An example of this is Dayanands critique of the traditional, superstition filled way of life.

Thus fundamental movements are not only warwick politics dissertation religious beliefs and practices, but lifestyles generally. Thus, fundamentalist movement are reactive link a response soiology what the persons involved-the leaders and participants, consider a crisis.

The crisis calls for urgent remedies. The sociology fundamentalism essay programme is presented as a return to the original tradition.

That fundamehtalism to say to the contemporarily redefined fundamentals, which cover the present-day needs. This usually involves a selective retrieval of tradition. It may even be an invention of tradition. The case of Dayanand illustrates this very dissertation request. He tried to evolve a sanitized Hinduism in response to the challenge for conversion by Christian missionaries Madan, ibid.

Http:// claimed that the Vedas were the only true form of Hinduism and his call was back to the Vedas. In Iran Khomeini developed an Islamic state based on the guardianship of the jurists. Assertion of dssay authority and criticising the culture are two aspects of fundamentalism.

A third crucial element is that of pursuit of sociology fundamentalism essay power.

The pursuit of political power is very important to fundamentalism, for with out funamentalism we would be presented with a case for revivalism.

The Arya Samajis were ardent nationalists in North India, and the movement had its political overtones. Again the RSS which has been described as a cultural organisation has had fundamentallism links with political parties, and contemporarily with the Sangh Parivar. This covers both cultural and political aspects of Hindu nationalism.

This explains why fundamentalist movements often turn violent, and the ideology of secularism is rejected. They are totalitarian and do not tolerate sociology fundamentalism essay. However these movements also perform a particular role in modem society which cannot be ignored.

Thus, an objective intellectual analysis should fundamfntalism fundamentalism as a distinctive category. It is not sociology fundamentalism essay or backward communalism. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Fundamentalism Fundamentalism is the first of our three concepts and it stresses the infallibility of a scripture e. Communalism is therefore a belief system social phenomenon. After Independence economic modernization of India expanded economic opportunities but not enough to curb funadmentalism competitiveness.

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