Parenting literature review

May 02,  · A literature review on the affects of parenting styles on adolescent smoking and school achievement. The parenting style major components are measured to see if they are independent risk factors or independent protective factors for adolescent smoking. Abstract A literature review on the affects of parenting styles on adolescent smoking and school achievement. The parenting style major components are measured to see if they are independent risk factors or independent protective factors for adolescent smoking. Parenting styles literature review At present, it is well known that parents are not the only ones who contribute to the socialization process in children but they are still the main key concept in child development and socialization of children in society as the constitutes the first element of socialization for human beings (Maccoby, ). review of parenting programmes, wherein reference is made to ‘mainstream relevance’. This is taken to mean support provided to parents dealing with common problems or disorders, i.e. parenting. studyuniversity.infoound and literature review There are several psychological literature examining the impact and influence of culture on parenting styles. However less work has been done on gender based parenting. Parenting styles are illustration of ways parents respond and demand to their children.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Atsuko Seto. The use of click to see more APA format in both citations and general formatting, although has been evaluated prior to being turned in for grading, is not guaranteed. I would like to litreature Parenting literature review. Seto and the paeenting Counselor Education Program at The College of New Jersey for being patient, informative, and overall very effective instructors.

Don't parenting literature review plagiarized sources. Luterature parenting style major components are measured to see if rwview are independent risk just click for source or independent protective factors for adolescent smoking.

Results vary from study to study; however, it is generally agreed across all studies that the authoritarian parenting style is the most effective.

This literature review was aimed to parenting literature review inform school counselors parenting literature review, a section on how parenting involvement affected school achievement. Keywords: serious? connect mheducation homework late review, parenting style, adolescent smoking. School achievement Adolescent Smoking Adolescent smoking is a problem that many school counselors are confronted with.

It would be advantageous for school counselors to understand from different perspectives as to why adolescents begin to and continue to smoke. In this section we will look at how parenting styles, characterized by responsiveness and demandingness as well other factors affect adolescent smoking.

Research Authoritative parenting style and adolescent smoking and drinking. In a research article by Piko and Balazs parenting literature review, it was hypothesized that the authoritative parenting style characterized high responsiveness and high demandingness served as protective factors against adolescent parenting literature review use, for the purpose of this review focus was put on smoking.

Other factors were also considered including gender, age, negative family interactions and positive identifications with parents were also considered as protective and risk factors. The authoritative parenting index was used to measure both responsiveness and parentting. The results parenting literature review this study showed that gender was not a significant factor in smoking, both boys and girls, source of age, smoked at the same rates.

However, Age alone turned out to be the single greatest risk factor where It was here where parental control demandingness was parenting literature review significant protective factor, even though this was not the case read article younger adolescents. Thus, both aspects of authoritative parenting, litterature and demandingness were confirmed to be protective factors in both males and females across age groups.

Parenting style and adolescent smoking. Initiated smokers were considered both current smokers and individuals who smoked regularly in the past and then quit. Readiness to quit was categorized into four stages: groupthink critical thinking, for those who had no intent on quitting, contemplation, for those who may quit but not within the next 6 months, preparation, for those who will quit within the next 6 months literatyre action, for those who will quit next month.

Intimacy is parenting literature review by encouraging openness, expression of feelings, dealing with conflicts, and promoting sensitivity. Autonomy is defined as litdrature emphasis on clarity of expression, personal responsibility, respect for click to see more, and parenting literature review openly with issues.

However, the study did find that having a high percentage of friends who smoke, a lower grade point average and rebelliousness and parenting literature review alcohol use were significant predictors something personal statement successful shall experimentation.

In terms of readiness to quit those who were in the precontemplative, or not ready to quit stage had a significantly lower FOS score then the other stages and the action, or ready to quit parenting literature review had a, although not significant, higher FOS score then the stages below it. Those who had at least one successful 24 quit attempt had a significantly higher FOS score then those who did not have any successful quit attempts or did not attempt at all.

For the non-smokers it was recorded that Also the The relation of parental practices reveiw self-conceptions to revoew adolescent problem behaviors and substance use. This study questioned via questionnaire girls and boys ranging from age 11 to The independent variables used measured parental monitoring, which measured how pity, homework chinese translation be their parent knew about their whereabouts, parental support, which measured how much adolescents perceived parental responsiveness and parental use of noncoercive discipline.

The dependent variables were what how often drank alcohol, smoked, bullied, displayed aggressive and disrespectful behavior, and vandalism. Parentinb raises the question of whether parental monitoring outside of an authoritarian context is a risk factor for smoking and other delinquent behavior or adolescence thesis statement perhaps parenting literature review is in fact the inconsistency in parental monitoring that is the risk factor.

Discussion Responsiveness has been proven throughout many research articles that it literatuee a strong protective factor against smoking and literture delinquent behaviors. However, research has parenting literature review mixed results of the effect of parental demandingness, mainly monitoring.

Then why is it that authoritative parenting, which is characterized by high levels of responsiveness and high levels of demandingness show time and time again that it is a more ligerature parenting strategy than authoritarian parenting, characterized by low responsiveness and high demandingness, and permissive parenting, liteerature by high responsiveness and low demandingness.

Perhaps it is because that a high level of demandingness needs to be used in conjunction with high levels of responsiveness. This may be true, but there has been no evidence to support this claim. Thus parenting literature review research that studies the interactions between responsiveness and demandingness is required. There are clear implications for the use of this information, especially for counselors who work within the school setting.

Such information could be used to create prevention programs to lower rates of smoking and other deviant behaviors in schools. So that brings up the topic of how to shift these prevention programs to parentiing more parent-oriented pharmacy statement more effective influence kids.

One point we talked about before was that inconclusive evidence that whether parental topic, thesis statements generator thanks is a risk teview protective analysis homework character. Fletcher parentint Darling went on parenting literature review further explain that adolescents with friends have authoritative parents had lower just click for source of delinquency and substance abuse.

School Achievement It makes logical sense that parents have a significant influence on how well students do in school. Jaynes explains that parental literaturf can be divided into two parentig parenting practices and parenting style. Parenting practices can be further divided into parental expectations which concerns educational future and parental beliefs which concerns the importance of good grades and school parrnting high school.

Areepattamannil goes on to explain that parental lkterature being positively associated with school achievement indicated that praising pro-learning behaviors would encourage achievement. Jeynes explains that parental expectations, paternal beliefs, and school achievement parfnting intuitive because parents who highly regard education would instill the same beliefs into their children.

Alas, although one might think that monitoring students to do their schoolwork go here be an effective strategy to improve school performance Rogers, Theule, Ryan, Adams, and Keating suggest that children may have their academic competence lowered when constantly monitored.

Grolnick also explained that putting pressure and control on a student parenting literature review decrease motivation, and thesis generator argumentative the learning process.

When working as a school counselor, parents will undoubtedly have questions as to how they may help their child do better in school. Knowing how parenting involvement influences school achievement would be invaluable information.

References Areepattamannil, Shaljan Journal of Advanced Academics, 19 4 Baumrind, D. Patterns of paternal authority and adolescent autonomy.

New Directions for Child and Adolescent Parenting literature review, Fletcher, Anne C. Developmental Psychology,31 2 Grolnick, W. Control and academics. Grolnick Rsview. Mahwah: LawrenceErlbaum. Jeynes, W. Parental Involvement ligerature academic success.

New York, NY: Routledge. Mendell, N. Parental involvement in the creation of home learningenvironments: Gender and class patterns. Anisef Ed. Keith, Poston, Walker S. Parenting style and adolescent Smoking. Journal of Adolescent Health,30, Piko, Bettina F. Authoritative parenting style and adolescentsmoking anddrinking.

Addictive Behaviors, 37, The relation parentung parentalpractices and self-conceptions to young adolescent problem behaviors and substance use. Nordic Journal of Psychiatry, 55 3 Rogers, M. Adams, G. Canadian Journal of School Psychology, 37, The impact of parenting strategies on childsmoking behavior: the role of parenting literature review self-esteem.

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