Increasing temperature essay

It refers to an overall increase in average global temperature. Anthropogenic processes and natural events are simultaneously contributing towards global warming. The green house effect which is caused by increasing concentration of Green house gases such as Carbon Dioxide, CFCs, water vapors, oxides of nitrogen and methane mainly is responsible for retaining heat in the atmosphere. The increasing rate of global temperature can be said to be a result of the increase in emission of gases that are heat trapping called gases of the green house. When climate change level is huge, the global balance of ecosystem is disturbed which also goes a long way in increasing health risks with more deaths and injuries that are related to heat. This essay analyzes the causes of global warming and suggests ways to reduce the risks associated with this incredible problem. Modernization, urbanization and industrialization remain the cause of the overall temperature rise of the earth’s surface. Industries and vehicles emit many noxious gases that pollute the air and increase heat. Essay On Temperature And Temperature. Words4 Pages. Table 4 and Fig. 4 revealed that there has been significantly increase in TXx at a rate of °C decade−1 (95% confidence level) and ( °C decade−1) (99% confidence level) in lowland and highland AEZ. The warmest day in midland AEZ showed a declining trend (°C decade−1), which the only station that showed a decline in the . At our current rate of creating these gases by industry, cars and burning fossil fuels, scientists predict a temperature increase of 4 to 9 degrees F by (9 degrees F separates today's average temperatures from the last ice age.) The United Nations Panel on Climate Change recommends that we immediately cut our use of foss.

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