Child marriage dissertation

Nov 19,  · BACKGROUND: Child M arriage defined as marriage before the age of 18 - applies to both boys and girls, but it is more common among young i ssue of Child marriage Author: Tahera Ahmed. of children or adolescents under the age of 18 as child marriage. ØIAC () Child marriage, also known as early marriage, is defined. as “any marriage carried out below the age of 18 years, before the girl. is physically, physiologically, and psychologically ready to shoulder. the responsibilities of marriage and childbearing/5(15). marriage" and "child brides." Child marriage is a human rights violation that prevents girls from obtaining an education, enjoying optimal health, bonding with others their own age, maturing, and ultimately choosing their own life partners. Child marriage is driven by poverty, religious beliefs, security of the child to mentions just a few. This thesis therefore seeks to depict the drivers. Child brides should be allowed to protect their own rights. They should have their own freedom, basic life necessities, and be able to develop physically, mentally and socially. Supporters believe that child marriages assist the child’s family economically and socially. Most child marriages occur due to poor financial condition of the family/5. Child marriage is a violation of human rights, but is all too common. Marriage before the age of 18 is a fundamental violation of human rights. Many factors interact to place a child at risk of marriage, including poverty, the perception that marriage will provide ‘protection’, family honor, social norms, customary or religious laws that condone.

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In India, despite amended laws advocating 18 as the legal minimum age at marriage for females, a substantial proportion i.

Among the various districts of Rajasthan, Bhilwara is at the top with child marriage dissertation Restrain Act, orillegal or invalid. It prescribes 14 years for girls and 18 for child marriage dissertation for Sharda Act marriage.

Age for. Act, marriage are 18 years for girls and 21 child marriage dissertation boys. Prohibition of Child marriages are made null and void.

Custom is a practice followed by people of a particular group or a pattern of habitual activity. Rajyalaxmi mentioned that the custom of early marriage is more prevalent in Rajasthan, in the spoken language it was said that the infant was being married in Pile Potare yellow napkin.

Childhood Residence : According to Savitridinachildhood residence refers to that place where the respondent spent the longest period of time till reaching the age of Caste: The caste has immense child marriage dissertation over the social and economic life of people; the traditions and practices of castes are rigidly personal statement pictures by djssertation.

The caste hierarchy also perhaps had its role to play in perpetuating early marriage Birodkar, Findings of the study Reddy, revealed a marked caste differences in the age at marriage of females among the different Hindu castes.

Exposure to Mass Media: Exposure to mass media has a significant effect on age at marriage. The age at marriage, according to media exposure in big cities and towns, was similar; however, some differences prevail in rural areas. The proportion of women who married early compared with those who had no access to mass media is slightly lower than for those who had access to at least one medium.

For rural residents, radio is the most popular media Savitridina, Socio- Economic Status: Caste, occupation, introduction essay and educational backgrounds child marriage dissertation the people child marriage dissertation considered as the important socio- economic variables to assess the socio economic status of the people in the society.

Personal Development and Inadequate Socialization: UNICEF focused that child marriage, along with little or no education, economic dependence, denial of decision-making power, inequality within the home, and sexual exploitation child marriage dissertation affect the mental health.

A child marriage dissertation child tends to be more attached child marriage dissertation to her child marriage dissertation family than a boy child. She is more prone to psychological stress and tension because of detachment from parents after marriage. Many women get depressed following child marriage dissertation incident.

They suffer from an inability to enjoy things, find it difficult to sleep and eat, face concentration problems, and experience feelings of guilt and decreased self-esteem. Access to Contraception: Child marriage dissertation revealed that women who married early were chilf likely to use contraception, this child marriage dissertation because women who married late with higher education have a better knowledge of contraception.

Life Satisfaction: Satisfaction is a mental state where an individual expresses positive feeling about what he has done or has been able to achieve. Whatever one does, its merit is determined in terms of satisfaction it brings to the doer.

A happy and satisfied woman can make overcoming temptation adjustment and modify the internal and external environment, reduce the tension and increase harmony at home.

People do not consult almanac or Pandit. These occasions Mausar 12th day and Gangoj 13th day are utilized by those who are not well off to get their child married. The neglect and discrimination of the woman is subjected to severe and deep-rooted criticism. They need chipd be educated, confident and have decision- making skills. This would have far-reaching implications go here the status of women in the coming generations.

In demographic literature it is known as effective marriage which marks the time when sexual union between husband and wife starts.

For the present study G-age is categorized in three groups i. Determinants of early marriages DEM : For the present study determinants of early marriage can be operationally defined as scores obtained on 60 items under 6 dimensions of DEM scale developed by investigator. Psycho - social consequences PSC : For the present study psychosocial consequences can be operationally defined as scores obtained on 66 items under 6 dimensions of PSC scale developed by investigator.

Life Satisfaction LS : For the present study life satisfaction can be operationally defined as scores obtained on 60 items under this web page dimensions of tool developed by Alam and Shrivastava Locale of the study: Rural this web page of Bhilwara district of Rajasthan state were selected purposively as the dkssertation of study.

Sample and its selection: The multistage sampling procedure includes selection of Tehsils, villages and finally, selection of respondents. Socio-economic status — The subjects child marriage dissertation to different socio-economic status Upper, middle disertation lower were included in the sample.

Age at marriage- Respondents married before the legal age of marriage i. Bhilwara 2. Banera 3. Hurda 4. Asind 5. Baseline Pro forma : self developed It consists of 10 questions dossertation background information of the subjects i. This tool aims to gather general socio-economic information child marriage dissertation the respondents and includes total 15 go here such child marriage dissertation Caste, Occupation, Education Level, Total monthly income, Family type, Family size, Asset-1, Asset-2, Social membership and Social participation.

Asset - 1 : consists of items on house type, land size and land type. Dlssertation scores obtained in this group were kept in three categories from low to high i. Score 1 to 8 marriagrScore 9 to 12 middle and Score 13 to 18 mwrriage. Asset - 2 : consists of items on household equipments, available vehicle, agriculture instruments and livestock and scores obtained in this group was also categorized in three sub groups i. Score 1 to 10 lowScore case study to 18 middle and Score 19 to chil high.

Determinants of Early Marriages DEM scale : A self made cum interview schedule was developed to find out the determinants of early marriage.

The maximum score one could obtained is 60 and minimum is zero. The scale consists of 60 link on six components viz. Yes responses were marked as one and no as zero. Higher the score, higher the life satisfaction. Test retest reliability is 0. Case studies: were conducted separately with 20 percent of the selected respondents. Focus group discussions: were done with selected respondents and their families.

Caste Mean S. Child marriage dissertation of child marriage dissertation. Childhood 7. Protection 6. Exposure 6. F Tradition and Savitridina Childhood residence has an effect on age at marriage and chid who were brought up in villages were more dissertatipn to get married early. Percentage child marriage dissertation of PSC components with regard to early marriage. Mean, S. Exploitation of girl 5.

Personal 0. F Exploitation of girl Access to child marriage dissertation When done at an early age, it is felt, it is easy to get the bride to adapt well to her click to see more determined position.

It also helps to control her sexuality and reproduction. Kulkarni also found that anxiety about grown-up daughters is another reason forcing less educated or illiterate parents to marry their daughters early. Parents should be encouraged to evaluate and empower their daughter with life skills enhancing their self esteem rather than escaping from their responsibilities.

Community leaders, social workers should also be sensitized and mobilized to change the mind set of the people. The person or the coursework workbook should be awarded and recognized as a role model and be provided some extra financial help to improve the status of women.

Religious leaders can play the most important role dissrrtation changing attitudes of the people. They can force the public to delay the child marriage dissertation of the girls following the legal norms and justifying the status of girl.

Media, an dissdrtation and powerful source of change. Producers should take the themes of social relevance to spread the message of adverse 52 consequences of early marriage eg. Balika Vadhu, Lado.

Further study could be child marriage dissertation by taking different variables like physical health, mental health, and reproductive health, personal and marital adjustment. Samples from different districts of Rajasthan would cater in-depth understanding about determinants and consequences of early marriages.

A comparative study of male and female could give clearer picture of their married life. Also it was found that early marriage is customary in those villages, which are densely populated with Jat, Gurjar, Jogi and Rebari castes. It was found that link of marriage and Gauna is low among the people belonging to lower castes and illiterate or less educated.

The lower occupational level or agriculture base of the respondent also seems to be related with early age of marriage. Also it was found that Psycho-social consequences of early marriage are significantly different among different SES groups.

This pathetic situation leads to very low life satisfaction. At tender age she has to bear lots of responsibilities of house hold chores. Overall scenario says lack of education means lack of life satisfaction. Also, access to contraception is significantly very low. Higher exposure helps in personal chiod and proper socialization of a girl. Exposure child marriage dissertation mass media and life satisfaction is highly interrelated.

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