Brexit dissertation proposal

Oct 05,  · Brexit and How it will Affect the UK Financial Services Sector. The financial service sector in the UK is has a significant contribution in the economy of UK as it contributes around 10% in the total economy. Hire an Expert Dissertation Proposal Writer. Brexit Dissertation Topics. A dissertation topic is extremely significant. It is the first opportunity for the author of the dissertation to communicate to the reader and a wider audience what the dissertation is about, in just a few words. Ideally, a good dissertation topic is one that is achievable within the specified period of time and particularly one that plays to the strengths of the student. Jan 11,  · Research Aim: Many experts suggested that Brexit meant the end of the UK influence over the world. Since the UK decided to exit the European Union, the country will now find it hard to survive independently. This dissertation will help answer these . Dissertation on Rosamond (;) articulates that the European Union is the most developed project of Regional integration in the world. Each nation complementing the other in one intrinsic coherent and effective system of collaboration to facilitate mutual sustainable development. Dec 13,  · P On 23 June , the UK government held a referendum to decide whether the country should leave the EU. The majority citizens voted for Brexit ( per cent to per cent) with a turnout of 72%, however, they thoroughly fell behind in Scottish and Northern Irish tallies.

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Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Dissertation on Brexit. Christopher Murasi. Download PDF. Brexit dissertation proposal short summary of this paper. Rosamond ; articulates that the European Union is the most developed project of Regional brexit dissertation proposal in the world. Disswrtation nation complementing the other in one intrinsic coherent and brexit dissertation proposal system of collaboration facilitate mutual sustainable development.

Taking into consideration that such a system had to take decades to establish and consolidate, when member states make resolutions to leave such a union that in itself should be a cause for concern especially for member states considered to be key stakeholders in such unions.

Recently the United Kingdom had a referendum to determine whether to remain in the European Union or to leave the Union. This comprehensive study seeks to assess the socio political and economic impact of the move to leave the Union also looking into the dynamics of why it has opted for this seismic shift in alternative that has rattled the fabrics of the international system.

Structure of the StudyThe study contains four chapters each dealing with a specific cluster in the research. The first brexit dissertation proposal that is the preliminary chapter introduces the reader to the topic of study, articulating the background of the study, statement of the problem, objectives of the source, research questions, justification of the study, methodology of research as well as limitations and delimitations of the research.

Chapter two will outline the literature review of the subject in question, looking into the conceptual and theoretical framework associated with the European Union and the relationship it has with the United Kingdom. Chapter three deals with the data presentation and analysis.

The fourth and final chapter will articulate the conclusions and the recommendations in line with the brexit dissertation proposal. Brexit has not only marked legal amendments brexit dissertation proposal Britain but has caused disserration significant rupture in the EU Ferry et al, ; 1 Over the next 15 to 20 years the balance of economic and geopolitical power is likely to change seismically.

Moreover Britain's commitment to supranational institutions is one to probe into with scrutiny. One would be of the view that de Gaulle in his contempt towards Britain's membership were based on the premonition of its Euroscepticism.

This study not only sought to make a determination of Britain's relationship with Europe afterwards, but also the state Europe after Brexit and the security of EU nationals after Brexit and the liberal concept of Regional integration and its continued disaertation. This study made use of data gathering techniques such brexit dissertation proposal key informant interviews, documentary search and focus group discussions.

The following paragraphs will be an brexit dissertation proposal on how these techniques were exploited so as to give data to make use of in this academic endeavour. Key Informant InterviewsKey informant interviews were employed to gather information from respondents with robust knowledge on the brexit dissertation proposal and the prospects be science homework negative or positive in line with Brexit.

The interviews have been conducted targeting political official such as diplomats of the states in the European Union and Delegates from the EU to Zimbabwe. Data was recorded manually by recording the noted from the brief interviews. Documentary SearchThe researcher made use of documentaries, newspaper and magazine articles and internet resources to obtain the relevant information.

Articles from the Washington Post, the Economist, the New York Times but to mention a few have been quite monumental in brexit dissertation proposal relevant information about Brexit.

Also following Public statements by leaders and influential politicians on social media have been dissertation in ascertaining the possible trajectory of the UK and Europe considering Brexit.

Focus Group DiscussionsThis research made use of group discussions to acquire information from samples containing respondents who had been affected by the Brexit Phenomenon. A purposive sampling method has brexit dissertation proposal employed two isolate two groups each with important components brexit dissertation proposal make a representative discussion.

The two groups were that of tertiary students and working class citizens, isolating UK nationals and EU nationals. The discussions were facilitated via social just click for source platforms such as Skype and WhatsApp for convenience and logistical purposes. Also acknowledging financial and time constraints. One obstacle that was faced was inadequacy in response especially due to late responders when collecting data.

Some respondents did not answer the question but contextualized it in a way that suited them for political reasons. Also financial constraints were a stumbling block to access the authorities and the red tape of protocol and bureaucracy involved in contacting the relevant authorities.

Since the brexit dissertation proposal is a new phenomenon in the academic arena information was be limited. Basically the focus of the brexit dissertation proposal will be directed to the United Kingdom itself and other influential powers in the European Union that isFrance, Germany only to mention dussertation few of the EU nations with embassies and consulates in Zimbabwe.

The study probed into closely current developments pertaining to Brexit in click United Kingdom.

It has highlighted the background and the structure of the study. It has also articulated the objectives of the study and the research questions to be asked related to the study. This chapter serves as a building block on what will be discussed in chapter two that is the literature review, chapter three which will extrapolate dissertatio and analyse it and the fourth and final chapter science essay will conclude this comprehensive study.

This chapter is going to berxit subdivided into sections that is the conceptual framework and the theoretical framework, looking closely into the literature associated with the theories and concepts. The concepts to be discussed will include Integration, Euroscepticism, and Supranationalism versus Intergovernmentalism. Theories to be discussed will include Liberalism and Realism.

The brexit dissertation proposal level of integration berxit Regional integration occurs when a number of states in close geographical proximity decide brexit dissertation proposal join together to form a federal political and economic union.

The EU has embodied this concept as an organization of member states in Western Europe deciding to cooperate in various ways including a single market to foreign just click for source. Jones It is important to note that the concept brexit dissertation proposal Euroscepticism has an intrinsic relationship with the term 'the reluctant European' which has been highlighted above.

Basically euro sceptics are opposed to visit web page with the union as they lack faith in the viability and flexibility of brexit dissertation proposal institutions.

Proposaal this concept is also associated with the influx of the electorate around Europe rejecting or condemning just click for source idea of globalization, it is important to brexit dissertation proposal the sentiment of globalization as postulated by critics being an 'elitist agenda' which does not reflect the public as brexit dissertation proposal whole.

Supranationalism vs IntergovernmentalismTo those who are opposed to the EU, Supranationalism is article source threat to state sovereignty and entails a creation of a united states of Europe thereby engulfing the state as they know it.

Jones defines Supranationalism as a process where states have to cede some of their decision making powers to a photography homework authority i. Those decision making powers are only designated to specific issues.

He further notes that, part of the perceived problem of Supranationalism is the fact that it's decisions astronauts essay kazakhstan binding over all member states in brexit dissertation proposal, they override national or municipal law and should the two conflict, the gravity of Supranationalism would be highlighted as being far much greater than mere cooperation between states.

In the case Propowal notes that realism cannot be construed to one dimension but rather has a wide abode of conceptualizations to the theory. All having a familiar and distinctive flavour to them. Generally it can be considered to be a school of thought seeking to explain here behaviour of states in the international system in terms of relative power to each poposal.

Goldstein and Pevehouse are cognizant of the fact that the international system is an anarchic one hence each state follows disswrtation pursues its foreign policy without any altruistic considerations. Hence that policy is expected to embody the statement globalization thesis of that state's relative power be it military or economic.

Hence agendas influenced by nationalism are at play when brexit dissertation proposal comes to the issue of Brexit. It is also valid to note that due to technological advancement and easy access to information it is now easy for states to be active brexit dissertation proposal how their respective sovereign state conducts ddissertation relations with other states and supranational bodies.

Hans Morgenthau characterized states to have the prooosal mind set and attributes of humanity selfconsidering and having a less altruistic outlook than what is propounded by liberalist scholars. Realism is synonymous with the concept of sovereignty. Griffith et al Brexit dissertation proposal must build brexit dissertation proposal united states of Europe.

In this way only will hundreds of millions of toilers will be able to regain the simple joys which make life worth living"These were the words of Winston Churchill when he addressed the academic youth at the Zurich University in Peris.

Iic, 2. His words were laced with sentiments of Kantian liberalism with a vision of creating a cosmopolitan society. However it is quite ironic to note that even after these words from one of the United Kingdom's influential leaders, the UK only joined decades in after a period dssertation reluctance to join and propoosal obstacles from President de Gaulle. Liberalism is a theory in international relations that seeks to explain how brrexit and cooperation are possible.

Immanuel Kant, one of the chief proponents of the theory gave 3 solutions to which two are related to the study. One would work on the principle of reciprocity whereby organizations would be created to facilitate state cooperation and the other principle would be that of promoting trade hence guaranteeing peace disssertation wealth creation and economic interdependence.

These principles hence manifest through the concepts brexit dissertation proposal liberal institutionalism and neoliberalism Liberal Institutionalism or Institutionalism is a school of thought according to Robert and Georg Soresen which asserts that international institutions such as the UN, NATO and the EU can increase aid cooperation between states.

This is true in the case of EU as they diasertation been instrumental bailing out Greece during its economic crises. However the EU as a liberal institution cannot be said to have enabled increase in cooperation due to British citizens voting to pull-out of the union brexit dissertation proposal Effectiveness essay conclusion. This is a clear sign of refusal to cooperate with other states which is being articulated as fundamental by go here school of thought.

Brexit dissertation proposal on the other hand according to Keohane and Nye is a school of thought that believes in states being concerned with absolute rather than relative gains to other states in the international system. In terms of the neoliberal school of thought many are in the endeavour of ascertaining the gains of being part brexit dissertation proposal the Union be it financial or more ideological.

At an article source one may view the union as an advantage and others would see it fit to leave the union to gain more absolute benefits. Theresa May and her administration are currently in the process of securing trade partners so brexit dissertation proposal it is not isolated such as Turkey in January.

The concepts being Integration, Euroscepticism and Supranationalism versus Intergovernmentalism. The theories also prpoosal Realism and Liberalism. These will in turn help the reader understand brexit dissertation proposal dynamics of the discussion in question and the topic of research at hand as the concepts and theories are intrinsically related to the subject. It principally responds to the research questions and objectives of the topic in question which include, probing into the socio-political implications of Brexit to the UK and the EU, the economic climate of the UK after Brexit, UK and EU relations after Brexit.

This chapter presents and discusses findings of interviews, documentary searches and focus group discussions that have been made use of to generate data on various dimensions of the subject on Brexit. Moreover due to time constraints and a lot of protocol required at the relevant embassies in question especially the British Embassy, most of the data required was not easily obtained.

The researcher had to obtain most of the data from documentary search and consult academics who are closely following the brexit dissertation proposal of Brexit. However this was circumvented by assistance from teaching assistants from the department of Political and Administrative studies who have been following the events closely and the Embassy of the European Union which has been helpful and cooperative in the endeavour. Moreover a lot brexit dissertation proposal dynamics are brexit dissertation proposal play considering the legal ramifications pertaining constitutional prerogatives of 'who is supposed to do this brexit dissertation proposal who has the right to say that'.

One of the socio-political questions is whether Brexit dissertztion leave the United Kingdom United or will it divide the nation. Moreover will the UK's economy be as competitive as it was before Brexit is also an intriguing question.

Economic Impact of Brexit in the UK a The Financial Services SectorOne of dissertation fellowship ajs pertinent questions asked during the Brexit campaigns and after the referendum was whether the brexit dissertation proposal of the UK would be affected as it is one of the major powers in the international system.

It is important to note that the EU for the proposa, 25 years has developed its common propposal and security policy The Economist, May 14,an aspect known as collective security in the confines of regional integration.

Brexit dissertation proposal argument has fundamental proposa, as it highlights the fact that the UK is not that vulnerable without EU membership. Moreover a key group when it comes to security and intelligence is the "five eyes", comprising of Britain, the USA, Australia, Brexit dissertation proposal and New Zealand The Economist 14 May in an article alluded to the impediments towards national security which were viewed by Euro sceptics as those which compromise national security, taking brexit dissertation proposal consideration the jurisdiction of the ECJ interfering in security protocol and migration which is seen as a major loophole in EU consciousness essay UK security.

In a BBC news press conference June 13 Nikola Sturgeon highlighted the likelihood of a second independence referendum as a result of the outcome of the Brexit vote.

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