Registration steps


The following is a summary for you step by step the registration steps:

1. Make the good decision! You must decide whether you would like to study in your country or to get diploma abroad! If you choose the last one please do these steps:

2. Fill in the Application Form! Don't forget to attach your CV and a copy of your valid passport. Send these documents to [email protected] or ask for the availability of our nearest office.

3. Pay the registration fee and the fee of entrance exam that costs 250 Euro for each of the courses. (Please send the proof of payment to this e-mail adress:  [email protected] or by a fax  here: +36 62/998-486 or take it into our partner office) 

4. CBS - CEIC collegues get in touch with you and you'll have to take an entrance exam in our closest partner office or via skype. (English language exam and the special subject(s) you have chosen.) 

5. You will be sent a message of the result of your exam. In case of inefficient exam unfortunately you can not start CBS-CEIC course. In this case the fee of the exam and of the registration will not be refund.

6. After a successful exam  you have to pay in the tuition fee for the course you have chosen. (Proof of payment should be sent to: [email protected] or by  fax to +36 62/998-486)

7. CBS-CEIC will pre-contract with you for your studies. 

8. To start your studies in Hungary you have to gather the following documents: 

  • valid passport (for minimun one year),
  • high school certificates,
  • medical certificate (negativ HIV and Hepatitis test),
  • 3 pieces of colour picture of yourself.
  • Claim your visa in Hungarian Embassy! It is important the object of your visa has to be "OTHER", not "STUDENT"!


9. Book an accomondation in Hungary to enter the country (for minimum 5 days this is needed for getting  your visa as well). In case of living in CBS-CEIC Campus you will get the verification you need get in the Campus after transferring the amount of a caution of 1 month and the cost of the first month to CBS-CEIC's account.

10. Please arrive on time on the first day of starting CBS-CEIC course (It is advised to arrive to Hungary at least 2-3 days before the first training day). 

11. When you arrive in Hungary  please find a convenient accomondation - sublet or quarters - if you will not live in CBS-CEIC Campus.  (In case you need help please indicate your needs - we help you to find the ideal place to live.)

12. Do the official administration in the Immigration Office.

13. Attend the training days without absences!

14. Pass your exam successfully! Certain higher education institute accept the results of your CBS-CEIC exams instead of their entrance exam! It's worth taking your exams continuously with good results and studying hard to get in a university for sure.

15. Enter for the entrance exam - with our help.

16. Take the exam succesfully in the chosen university.

17. In case of your passing the entrance exam you can start your studies! It is significant that the expectations of your university should be taken seriously! Study assidouosly and you will get your degree!