Cooperation with student consulting companies

CBS-CEIC  places a great emphasis on creating personal contacts therefore is looking for partner student consulting agencies from all over the world whose profile is forwarding students to colleges and universities. We are aware of the fact that it means great trust for parents if they know their children's future is in good hands that is why they are contacting partner student consulting agencies.


What we offer for student consulting agencies?

CBS-CEIC has great contacts in Central-Europe. We are in contact with many Universities and Colleges. We are aware of the local systems and conditions therefore we are able to give a significant support for these particular partners. Our philosophy is to achieve our goals together in assisting those who apply to us for getting their diplomas by our support from a traditional university.

CBS-CEIC overlooks the region globally since for us it is not only the education at a particular university is important but the joining and uniting the Central-European universities by which we can open up a market for you so that you can forward students to the best possible places. By this we can eliminate all the capacity barriers.


When can we cooperate?

  • If you do not have connections with colleges and universities in Central-Europe (Hungary, The Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Romania)
  • If you have difficulties in placing the students at a EU college or university.
  • if  you are unaware of the local conditions?
  • If you are unaware of the particular scholar system.
  • If you feel that you can forward more students provided having better contacts in the region.  
  • If you are unable to forward many students because the educational places are already filled up.
  • If you observe that your students do not possess the sufficient knowledge and are not prepared enough for the EU educational requirements.
  • Would not like to risk your company's reputation and future because of unsatisfactory education.
  • If you have long term plans and consider a fair business  contact important.


If you wish to cooperate with CBS-CEIC please fill out our form  and our collegues will get in touch with you to discuss the details.