Why is it better to learn in a smaller town like in Szeged to study in the capital, in Budapest?

Every city has beauty, advantages or disadvantages. Although Szeged is smaller than Budapest, but it can be a good choice for foreign students, because it is smaller but safer than the bigger cities.

In the countryside  people are much more friendly and more helpful. On the Souther Plain, in the city of the sunshine you always meet friendly people.


Is it sure that I can win a place to the university I've chosen?

Our partner higher educational institutions accept the successful out come of our preparatory courses and final exam as their entrance exam.

The higher educational institutions with which we have no agreement, you will have to complay in accordonce with the higher education act in regards to entrance exams. The preparotory courses at CBS- CEIC meet the level that is needed for a succesful entrance exam (we will prepare you for the demands of the university of your choice).

That is what you are helped with at CBS-CEIC.



If I've finished the course where can I continue my studies?

It is up to you: any country, any university you would like to.

Of course your choice should be based on the kind of vocational course you attended  during the year .

You can apply to any university that starts the specialization that you have been learning during a half or a whole year. Entrance exams are public, anybody can apply for them.

What is most  important: Our partner higher educational institutions accept the successful out come of our preparatory courses and final exam as their entrance exam.


Why should I choose CBS-CEIC?

If you apply for a training you can finish university or college much more easily. After your graduation you may have insufficiencies in your knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Biology. You have to make up for what you have missed out on to be successful at a European university. 

Another important argument on the side of CBS –CEIC is the English language, because the lessons are in English. A higher level preparation and competence in English are also provided in our courses.


Why should I chose CBS-CEIC instead of a preparatory year which is offered at universities?

If you possess a good command of English and you feel you are well-prepared enough for the entrance exam you should go for it at the chosen university.

If you do not have the competent knowledge we recommend you to start our course. Within the year that you spend with us you can get acquainted with our country and culture and, which is more important, you will also come to know the system of the exams. So, by the time you go for the entrance exam you will be able to make the most of it.


Is it a university or a college?

CBS-CEIC is neither a university nor a college. According to the Hungarian legal system, it is an adult education institution which is not equal to a university or a college. (In Hungary there are public education institutions like elementary schools, grammar schools and there are higher education institutions including universities, colleges and adult education institutions, like CEIC).